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Sunday, January 9, 2011

14 - MC Sniper

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Korean/ Pop/ R&B
Location: South Korea
Website: www.snipersound.com

Bio: MC Sniper is THE forefather of Hip-Hop in South Korea. He has released four albums, starred in numerous music videos and has appeared as a special guest in many other artists' music. I got turned onto his first album So Sniper...(2002) In High School. Very original seamless flows between Korean and English means you must be multi-lingual to get the entire message. Even if you do not speak Korean, his music still moves you with his impeccable tongue-twisting verses. He is a versatile MC bringing lyrical skill, fresh production and even his own singing voice to his tracks as well. His newer music is enhanced by frosty beats and incorporates the old-school swagger with a new-school sound. Although he leans more toward Hip Hop he also incorporates smoother R&B, (check out "BK Love") and even some Classical influence as well (check out this Youtube video Where Am I!). MC Sniper is at the forefront of the Hip Hop culture and has a bright vision for the future of Korean music.

MC Sniper is very influential in the South Korean Music scene, he has helped launch careers of many other South Korean artists. He has also been an inspiration for the younger generation of South Korean rappers. His songs reference hardship and social injustice. Sniper's lyrics are not always about the cars and money but about women, love and drinking as well.  He has a drinking capacity of two bottles of hard liquor so watch out! However he may spend his off time, he stays on his grind constantly, caring deeply for his community. He is a role model for the young, takes care of the elderly, and is a burgeoning entrepreneur as well! Check out his website, snipersound for upcoming releases and general info! His debut album is available on Amazon.com. I'll keep you posted on the availability of his other three albums as I find out more. If you like Hip-Hop and you enjoy Freakjams then MC Sniper is for you!

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