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Monday, January 10, 2011

15 - Dirk Quinn Band

Genre: Funk/ Rock/ Groove/ Jam/ Freakjams
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website:  www.dirkquinn.com

Bio: The Dirk Quinn Band are the Boat Wizards of funk! You could also say these musical brain surgeons rewire the inner workings of your brang stems so your groove system functions more smoothly. You have a deficiency of vitamin Dirk Quinn Band! What is the soulution? A fortified injection of liquid DQB milk straight to the dome-piece. These juicy philly style steak-tips come wit! With some cheese whiz on top, these musical whiz-kids whiz by whizzingly fast whizzing your aural sensy feelies with str8 whiz!! Killer jazz-method-funk-groove stylings reminiscent of Soulive and Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood. You can hear a lot of Jazz, and Rock influence when listening to Quinn's crunchy flossin' guitar jams. Dirk Quinn's instrumental compositions are on par as modern day funk symphonies switching time signatures and adding horn lines and different instrumentation as the piece demands.

DQB's live show gets the crowd jumpin' and their musical adventures explore deep under the ocean and continuously discover new species of jams. Sometimes one may even describe the waves of pleasure tumultuously invading your personal space as something similar to the essence of Freakjams. The Dirk Quinn band has released two impeccable full-length studio albums that are available on his website - www.dirkquinn.com. You can find them on Rhapsody, Pandora and Youtube as well. Constantly touring, they play everywhere from NYC to Auburn, AL to Athens, GA to the Lost City of Atlantis... Check out The Dirk Quinn Band ripping up solid Jazz-Funk up and down the eastern seaboard, coming to a college town near you! And BUY Their Albums!! freakjams.

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