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Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 - Strangelove Ocean

Genre: Funk/ Metal/ Fusion/ Freakjams
Location: Auburn, AL
Website: www.myspace.com/strangeloveocean

Bio: Odin's sword swings heavy upon those that dare defy Strangelove Ocean! This instrumental Funk-Metal-Fusion band swings Dolemite sized booty thunder. But at the same time, they exhort brutal barbarian rage that can also invoke heady reggae jams at will. The metallic primordial groove sauce that is Strangelove Ocean will kick you in your pants! Harmonized twin guitars soar over volcanic bass activity and earth-pounding beats. A very original mix of thrash funk, creeper crunk, and megadestruction that will magiker you. Fozzy Crosbourne "The King of Chorus" if I'm not mistaken, immortalizes a local hero from the loveliest village on the plains. This hero can still be found jammin on a chariot of chorus at key shows in the area. Paying tribute to the old gods, heroes and ways of the elders is part of Strangelove's creed. And it is because of this creed that Strangelove is an essential part of Freakjams.

Strangelove Ocean had many years together on the high seas rocking defiantly to spite their enemies. After filling their bellies with wine and their coffers with silver, they have at last returned to their wives and families. Having enough of their days of pillaging, they are now living out their lives in the abundance of wealth. Although not still touring, they have a yet-to-be released album in the works! Since the retirement of Strangelove Ocean, they have all changed their identities and sometimes choose to pump raw crunk juice into the atmosphere with other groups. However, sometimes on a full moon and when the planets are aligned, you may chance to hear a name echoing through the hills, halls and ale houses...... Strangelove!

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