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Thursday, January 6, 2011

13 - The Bandar-Log

Genre: Rock/ Garage/ Indie/ Funk
Location: Auburn, AL
Website:  www.myspace.com/thebandarlog

Bio: A local favorite from Auburn, AL, this Indie band is just hitting their stride. Rocking shows around the southeast spreading their groove butter wherever they go, the Bandar-Log has a variety of styles that combine to tear at your heartstrings. Fresh lyrics and silver-toned guitar rock upon funky bass-twang and gangster pop drum beats. Their live show is an intense orgy of funky dance jams and original rock thrashing. Although they have a very original sound they can be compared to the Clash, the Police and other early punk-rock. Their classic song forms incorporate seamless transitions to lush unexplored gardens of ska, pop and Indie. Having been together for a little over two years, they already perform a vast array of their own tunes.

Their live show is like no other. With Dave's tempestuous vocals, Russ' energetic crunk rock smash rhythms, John's intricate pulsating funk slap bass and Matt (Montgomery) Wise's screeching demon wailing guitar wizardry. Their picture tells all, with heavenly mana raining down onto their beautiful cherub faces, adding midichlorians to their Jedi bloodstreams. Day by day they train in the hyperbolic chambers gradually increasing their Sayan levels. For a super-crunk fun time with a visceral super-nova troupe of omega-bards check out the Bandar-Log! They have a new album out "AK-747" so go buy it a few times and support some real music. Though it might not be on pop radio it is definitely Freakjams!

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